LUMIZEK  I  Interactive Installation Proposal for Amsterdam Light Festival 2018-2019

Lumizek is an interactive lighting installation designed to respond to music and surrounding environments. The overall form is created by using multiple layers of luminous elements which start growing from nodes, lines, surfaces to eventually create spatial environments. The appearance and disappearance of each element is pre programmed to respond to sound or live input from human interaction. Viewers can navigate through the dynamically changing space and interact with the installation using the controller. The pre programmed lighting sequence will be running ambient light compositions on a 3 minute loop responding to music while the accent lights will be activated by sensors and interactive controllers as live instruments. Lumizek will create a dynamic visual vibration which dances together with music, beat, and surrounding environment to fulfill Amsterdam Light Festival 2018-2019 with energy and activity.    

Reference Project  i   LUMIBOLIC

This project uses similar techniques and materials and could be a good reference for Lumizek. The project was exhibited at downtown Los Angeles Bank of America lobby for 2016 LA Skyline exhibition sponsored by Arts Brookfield. The lobby was in general too brightLumizek intends to be more dynamic in spatial experience with stronger visuals.  

_00_LUMIBOLIC_MAIN (1).jpg